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IT Expert Resource aims to enhance our customers’ experience through providing the top industry practices with the latest technological insights and developments. IT Expert Resource understands the importance of making sound business decisions and pledges to dedicate their time to provide learning resources for industry leaders and professionals.

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IT Expert Resource offers a vast selection of different IT learning resources such as whitepapers, reports, case studies and infographics that can be beneficial to IT leaders and professionals. Read and learn all the things to know about technology, network, security, data, systems, cloud computing, servers and many more.

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Featured Resources

There has been a tremendous shift in the IT industry in terms of storage and cloud infrastructure. Gone are the days when infrastructure only revolves in system and product life cycles alone. It also focuses on business application life cycles. In this report, you can learn about an in depth comparison between managed storage services and traditional storage acquisition model.

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As businesses move to cloud infrastructure many realized that public cloud requires workload continuum thus it needs a continuous digital transformation. Good thing, hybrid cloud approach helps support both the application execution across complex workload environment.

In this guide, learn how you can accelerate your cloud transformation.

Is Your Office 365 Data Fully Protected?

Real talk. Even on cloud based applications including Microsoft Office 365, data loss is possible. 

In this guide, learn about the different ways on how data loss can occur and find out how you can fully protect your data.

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While it has been beneficial to use virtualization in keeping the data workload, many had challenges in terms of protecting significant data. This in turn can lead to failure in achieving recovery time objectives and increase overhead costs for support and maintenance.

In this guide, learn how you can protect your data in a convenient unified protection platform.

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